This is better than safelist


I just landed on this site while I was checking one of the blog contents and there below that blog was a set of advertisement.

I was curious to know about the origin of that advertisements and that’s how I landed here.

Initially for a week I tried their free service which is like getting credits for clicking on the ads and either getting paid for that or getting it converted to get clicks on your ads for free. I tried the later one.

Since I received some good quality leads but most of them were just for sake of clicks so I decided to try out their paid one.

Guess what, here is the statistics.

I received 2 paid customers. Yes 2 Paid customers and 5 leads in just 1 day from 3 ads out of 10 which I can setup.

That’s very impressive.

Not only that I got 10 free referrals in my downline without promoting it..  Now I can directly promote my links to them.

If you are curious to try it out.. Click on the button below.


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