Is Suicide An Option ? No!!

Couple of days back I received this email from one of the follower. We know that right now IT industry is facing some challenges but if you have the necessary skills you will get the job again. Don’t even think of suicide. Because if you do you won’t even be able to regret it later on. I had come across this beautiful meaning of HOPE – Hold On, Pain will End



Everyone goes through lots of pain in life. You do have that capability to re-skill yourself if you don’t have the necessary skills right now. If there is no money sell the house or get some help from friends and family. I am sure there always is a friend who will lend you money without interest.

Seriously all those out there, you need to plan for your future. RIGHT NOW!!


I am not asking you to buy anything from me in this post. This is not about me right now. This is about you. Job security has become minimum in all the industry. You are safe today, doesn’t mean that you will be safe tomorrow.

Every time someone or other was asked to leave the company, I used to think what if that person is me tomorrow? It was then that I had started to go through all the options available on the net to secure my future without a job.

If you have a second online income already being generated using some small business (preferably online business as you can work whenever you want) then you would not be having negative thoughts in your daily job and will be able to handle the everyday job pressure confidently too.

Invest time in developing your soft skills as that will be more helpful than any technical skill later in your job.  Leave all your work and spend some time in Library or training center and upgrade some skills like sales and marketing or oral communication. I have seen people spend money, time and effort only developing technical skills. You don’t want to be just a coder the whole life.

Think … & … Take Action Immediately without any more delay.


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