If you don’t use staircase while going to 30th floor why do you use it in Network Marketing?

Have you ever thought that if you want to reach say 30th floor in a high rise building why do you use the lift instead of using staircase?

Stupid question? Right? Yes everyone knows that because you would get exhausted before you even reach 10th floor. Many will give up on 5th floor itself. There are people who will reach 30th floor using the stair case, but they are very rare because they have put lots of dedication to build their muscles.

Now if you say this was a stupid question I don’t understand why people do this stupidity in our network marketing business? Why do they take the stairs I mean trying to do everything on their own and then failing on 5 or 10th floor and giving up on their goal.

I too did this stupidity and reached 5th floor but then I didn’t give up on my goal. I took the lift from 5th floor onwards.

I mean I got into millionaire mentoring program which just lifted not only my spirits but also helped me make my first $1000 commission online after quite a long struggle.

Remember the lift doesn’t work just because you entered into it. It works only if you press the right button and have provided it with the electricity.

So do not think how costly the mentoring will be. Think about the profit that you are going to make once you follow the process or the knowledge that is shared with you. Yes you need to give it the electricity by taking action religiously.

When I joined this industry, I had a thinking which I guess all of you have or would have had when you joined is that it is all about selling the products online. And here is something I am going to share with you after 1 year of failure and then got it right only after joining a millionaire mentoring program is that in this industry if you really want to get into 6 figure earning then it is actually about “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT”. It is a Leadership business model.

The best way to choose a mentor is not by looking how successful he or she is. But the right way to choose is by checking on his team on how they have performed.

You might never have had any success before in any marketing. The only reason is because you didn’t have any mentor. I am not sure if you have played the game called minesweeper where you guess which blocks has mines based on the clues and clear other blocks. Mentor is the guy who will clear the blocks for you and get you to the other side without you stepping on the mine.

Do let me know if you need any help in finding the right mentor.

Have a great day.

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*Photo by Cosmin Paduraru from Pexels

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