Positive Mindset — Trick of Successful Entrepreneurs

Shhh.. This is a secret that I am going to share with you.  Ok Ok, not anymore. The cat is out of the box.

So what is that which sets the Uber, McDonald’s, Dominos and many other such companies apart from the wannabe entrepreneurs?

No, it is not money or idea. No not even friends at “Top” level.

Don’t take me wrong, All these are good to have, but they are not the first step of success. As the headline suggests it is the “Positive Mindset”.

Let me tell you a story that I had come across.

A very tired traveler sat down in the shade of a tree without doubting that he had just found a magic tree, “the Tree to Realize wishes”.

Sitting on the hard ground, he thought it would be nice to find himself on a soft bed. Immediately, this bed appeared next to him.

Astonished, the man settled there says that the top of happiness would be reached if a girl came to massage his crippled legs. The girl appeared and massaged it very pleasantly.

“I am hungry,” said the man to himself, “and eating at this moment would be surely a delight. A table arises, loaded with delicious foods.

The man regaled himself. He ate and drank. His head turned a little. Its eyelids, under the action of wine and fatigue, were lowered. He let go of his whole length bed, thinking again of the marvelous events of this extraordinary day.

“I’m going to sleep an hour or two,” he said to himself. The worst would be that a tiger passes by here while I sleep. “

A tiger suddenly emerged and devoured him. “

You have within you a tree waiting for your orders.

But be careful, it can also realize your negative thoughts and your fears.

What this story tells us is that without proper mindset you will have talked yourself to be out of your own ideas. You will convince yourself that you are not smart enough for doing it.  You will be back to your 9 – 5 job the next day doing the same mundane stuff and cursing yourself for the same.

All you need is a positive mindset. So just come out of your mindset that all the programs that pay well online are either a Scam or MLM. This is just your fear that makes you think this way. Find from your friends, do a search on the net if it is worth the money that you are investing.

Everyone says is that they can’t afford to invest the money. Rather you should ask yourself, “How can I earn or save this amount to invest in this program?”

Rather than planning to do all by yourself, hire a virtual assistant from Fiverr for getting the things done for you. Remember that what you would earn hourly will be more than what you would pay a virtual assistant.

All you need is a shift in thinking towards solutions instead of concentrating on issues and exhausting yourself.


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