My Plan for Future


So whats the plan that I had to ensure making my dream a reality . Read on.

I had drilled down my options to become entrepreneur by selling digital products on the net (online marketing) . Below are few points of high weight-age for going out for this option

  • Low investment
  • Low Risk
  • Low Overhead
  • No Location constraint
  • No Employees
  • Working from Home

It is not necessary that you succeed in the life as soon as you take action. There will be failures which will be a learning step towards success. You have to ensure that you reduce the possibility of failure to succeed. You don’t have to take the same step that other person took and failed, instead you now know that the step he took leads to failure and could easily avoid it and save time and money.

To be frank this is not the first “Make money online” product that I sold. I have been trying out many products out there on the net and was not successful at it.

I had burnt my hands by selling various products online. I always used to think why sell something costly when there are products which you can sell for cheap and sell higher quantity. Gradually I realized my mistake and this was a learning step for me which you all should avoid.

Lesson Learnt From Failure

I have jotted few points that I learn from this failure

  • First and most important point is don’t just sell others product but brand yourself.  People will buy from you if you are successful or if they recognize you. That’s the reason why advertisers hire well know personalities to promote their products
  • Low cost products are easy to sell but you are not going to make good profit from it  (unless you plan to upsell your product) as compared to high profit products (also called Top-Tier).  Why sell low profit product when you are going to put same effort and money to sell a product which is going to give you high profit. Commonsense isn’t it ? Yeah I didn’t have it and had to learn it with failure.
  • You have to have a training program, a system, a coach who is there to guide you to minimize the failures. You can’t just read online documents and get into this business, else the success rate would have been high for all.


So after going through all the feedback and talking to internet marketers on facebook, I further drilled down to 2 of online products.

I decided to try both.  One of product owner was from Australia who had office in Malaysia. The other was born in UK of Indian origin and had come back to India and had even played part in movies in India.

I decided to go to the seminar organized by the later in Mumbai, India. He is a good motivational speaker and had watched his many videos on youtube. But as you say the initial impression is the last impression, I was disappointed at the venue and the organizers as soon as I entered.

It was a free seminar but at least the sound quality and venue should be of high quality. The mentor had good knowledge of marketing. But the coaches under him were not up to mark.  The main reason I had to reject this system was because you had to have a product before hand to use their system.

So next I enrolled for 21 steps system. I had initially $49 to register which was refundable if you are not satisfied or you are not selected. This was online course but the education contents available was huge and they would assign 3 different coaches as you go ahead in the 21 steps. Each of the coaches was a gem on their own. They had built their own programs to sell too and were positioned at highest level.

By the time I completed around 5 steps I had decided to stick with this system. The main reason was this was two tiered affiliate program.  That means besides learning the system, you are able to make money by earning high commission by selling the product at the level you are positioned at as well as earn commission for referring consultants like you to join this program.

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