What is Quantum Leap?

Quantum Leap means high and instantaneous. Quantum is not about making $100 a day. Quantum is all about making $10K or more a month.

Everyone wants a Quantum leap in their online business. It is indeed possible in 6 to 12 months if you do it right. I can vouch for many of our team members who have in fact done this.

What is that they do differently?

They have branded themselves as CEO.

One little idea and one little backend product which can give 100% commission payments plus more in passive income instantly to your PayPal account. They don’t have to worry about the payment processing at all. All they have to do is add value, create an impact on their prospects.

I am sure these values which I am going to share in coming weeks will take your business to next level. All these content links will be kept in my group “The Secret Lead Generation Sauce” for easy access

In today’s marketing scenario it is sad to see that big names in online marketing are being targeted and forced to shut down.

The main reason for this was because they were just targeting to recruit people and make money. The sponsors never mentored their teams to duplicate themselves. So it is very crucial to brand yourself rather than your company.

In coming few days, I am going to show you how to build your brand, how to increase your followers, fans, how to prospect, how to use groups, lives, stories, messenger and last but not the least how to duplicate leadership. Yes, duplication is key to success. You can’t just be selfish and say that I should be the person because of which the business has grown, but instead, you have to be the reason for your team’s success which automatically will make you succeed.

There is a limitless opportunity on how you can in fact quantum leap your income.

Ensure that you take notes. Take notes, not as a student. But as a CEO.

Really …just give a thought how many times have you taken a note that from various live, webinars, seminars that you thought can be implemented in your business and you decide to implement it the next day. But due to some other commitments, you leave it till the weekend. But again due to the family commitment on weekends, you just forget about it.
After a month you find all these gems neatly written but a very little of what you wrote down even makes a sense.

Does that sound familiar?

It used to happen to me. Until my mentor told me to take the notes as CEO. By that he meant, take the notes to take action the same day. Either implement or share the value with your prospects on the same day.

Hope that makes sense and you start taking notes the CEO way.
Now you hear everywhere “Adding Value” … What does adding value mean?

Adding value simply means either educating your prospect or solving their problems with your ideas and strategies.

Many a time your prospects won’t know what they want, so your value may help them think, “oh now I know why I didn’t make any sales till now. ”

Next important point is follow up

As you know, follow up is very important in our business. How many of you have engaged with someone and they agreed to watch the link that you shared? but they never got back?

It happens a lot. It happens to everyone.

But first let me tell you this, you have to set up an environment for follow up first. So when you want to share your link at the end of your conversation, it is always better to say “Hey if I share you my link, will you watch it?” If they say No, ask them why not politely. and if they say yes, ask them by when would they be able to watch it. Then you can ask them what’s the best time for you to check on them. So now you are not bothering somebody you are being professional

Many a time they will reply that they will get back as soon as they watch the video and you need not follow up with them. But they don’t respond for long.

So don’t just message them “Hey, what’s up, you didn’t come back on that link that I shared. Did you like it, I would really love you to be in my team”? Believe me, that’s not effective

Instead you go back to the people who have not responded to you 4 days or more and remember you are just expecting a response from them and not a signup. So go to them and say “I apologize as I have been very busy lately doing lots of presentations I didn’t get a chance to follow up with you. How are you?” If they respond or just give a thumbs up, yes many will just give you a thumbs up.

Now all you have do is refer them back to the link that you shared and engage with them.

But what if they still don’t respond. Don’t worry if they still don’t, just wait for 30 days and send them an update which is something exciting maybe it has happened to you or your teammates and then do the deflection. like I know it might not be the right fit for you but do you know anyone that might want to enjoy the same benefit?

Now wait for their answer and if it has hurt their ego, they will say I will check the video again and get back. There you got it. If no reply again or if they say NO. No Means Next One. You have many more prospects. So just move on.

Now that you have decided to be a CEO, ensure that your profile picture is of you. Do not put the profile picture of some movie star, or your pet and neither your kids. Your face has to be clearly visible. Because when you post or comment on someone’s post it is your profile picture which is the first thing that they notice.
So it should be you with a smiling face, preferably a professional photo and not the one in the party or something like that. If the photo is of something else, make sure that it is done purposefully. Remember when you friend someone on Facebook, your picture is the first impression.

Also, your cover photo should be simple clear and not cluttered. If you are a mentor add an image showing you talk on the stage in your cover photo. That can make a huge difference. It’s your brand image.

To touch up a little on the bio. tell them everything but still tell them nothing. What I mean by that is add details mentioning that you CEO of your business page because you are the owner of your own business. The introduction has 140 char. It should start like On a mission to … or helping people to. for e.g. On a mission to help my prospects to build their business using social media.
Just think your profile as a TV Show. You want people to tap into your show. You want people to engage in your life. So do it on purpose.

So go ahead build your cover page yourself using Canva.com or use services like fiverr.com and build a brand image.

How did you like it? Do write it in a comment. Have a great day.


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