How I Started To Follow My Dream. Have You Too?

I have a dream for you to follow

Dream v/s Reality

One Day Or Day One
One Day Or Day One

We always dream of living a good life rather than just be a part of rat race. Yes, that included me too till 3 months back. It is difficult to say how you got yourself pulled in to this rat race. I remember the days when our parents used to say study hard else you won’t get a good job.

You saw your parents struggle for saving the salary and letting go off their dreams. Then all of a sudden you find yourself in a job which hires you for less salary but starts giving you good increment year after year and you then start feeling the days of struggle has ended.

You then dream of buying a house, a nice car. So you lend money from the bank. By this time, you have got pulled into a situation where your quality of life is not improving but cost of living keeps on increasing.

If your company is still giving good salary increment, you tend to

Disembark the train of rat race

clear the debt but go on to buy a bigger home or a luxury car by taking new loan.

Gradually you find yourself in the seat of locomotive operator/pilot/engineer. When you look

back in the mirror, the train which started from the initial station with one coach has now many coaches attached to it at various stations. The engine has to put more load to pull the train. The destination is far away and it is slowing you down.

Then slowly it dawns up on you that you had missed many family functions, get together since you were busy on the track. Again what if your company decides to drop you off at some station as they feel that train is running slow because of you and not because of the load.

Playing Safe v/s Taking Risk

So the day finally came when I decided to quit my job on January 19, 2017.  But I had to give 3 months’ notice period to the company where I had served for 23 years and grown from mere USD 500 annual salary to approx. USD 45K annual salary. That salary was the only factor driving me to stay back since last around 10 years. There was no other motivation force left.

I had a huge debt and just around USD 10K amount in bank which was kept for emergency. I didn’t have any other source of income to replace the salary except for the retrials that I would have got from the company once I resigned. These total amount was enough for me and my family to live comfortably for one year and pay yearly EMI.

My office colleagues suggested that I execute my plan side by side while working and once I start earning a parallel income, only then I should quit my job. Don’t consider me wrong these were safe recommendations which would gradually be leading you again to the trap of rat race.

Then I met a friend from school who was from entrepreneur family background. We used to admire his lifestyle during our school days. But there was stage in his life too where he was almost bankrupt and all he had with him was his confidence and his experience. This made him bounce back from the rock bottom.

I told him that I have submitted my resignation letter and planning to start on my own. He didn’t even ask me what was that I was planning. All he said was “Sanjay, put all your knowledge and experience in to whatever you are going to do and you will see how beautiful the life is. You will enjoy it all the way”

That one sentence was enough for me to keep me motivated.


So as I had stepped out of office on April 18, 2017 I just realized:

⇒ The biggest lie I was telling myself was that you can’t make a living by doing what you love. In fact, I have good knowledge and capability to generate income even without following a rat race.

⇒ I was stuck in procrastinating phase for long and it was time to come out of it

⇒ I have to stop thinking like an employee as I was in full in charge of my own life

⇒ I was not financially ready to leave my job but neither would I have been ready to get laid off some day.


Few points for those who would like to follow my steps:

⇒ Ensure that you have some emergency amount for your family’s health issues or have a good health insurance in place.

⇒ Have a discussion with your financial expert or chartered accountant on the tax related queries as till now this might have been taken care by your employer.

⇒ Take your family members into confidence that there will be no issues after resignation

⇒ Finally believe in yourself


So what is the plan that I have put in place: Read my next post 🙂



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