About Me


Stop wasting your time reading “About Me” Page ….. Wait.. Wait… I didn’t mean to be mean


But seriously there is lots of work to be done and I would like to help you achieve your goal of making money on the net.


No not because I believe in charity. But because that is how I am going to make money too and I am not ashamed of it.

I am just like any other person you meet everyday. I don’t have any superpower¬†with me. The only difference between you and me possibly is the decision. Yes the decision to “Start Living A Life By Quitting Rat Race”

You can read about my decision and the plan on my blog posts mentioned below

How I Started To Follow My Dream. Have You Too?


My Plan for Future

Seriously my friends say that this was a bold step to take at this age. No this was not a bold step and anyone with little change in mindset should be able to accomplish this. Everyone dreams to be “Rich and Enjoy”, but the only problem is lack of “Action”

Not coming straight to the objective of the blog.. which lies in its title itself

“Non Fugazi Method Of Creating Wealth Online”

What does that mean ?

It means that I won’t tell you do anything or buy any product which I myself have not tried. ¬†I will be sharing the products that help you improve your quality of life only once I am confident and tried it myself. So be assured you are not being cheated in any ways.

Now that you have read about me. Time to take first step. Please subscribe to my blog so that you get the more details in email.


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