How To Create a Successful Online Business Working Part-Time From Anywhere

Myself, Sanjay Rao an online entrepreneur who started to build an online empire which has a potential of generating a six figure (USD) income. 
The good thing about online business is that you are free to work from any location provided you have a laptop and WIFI.  I wrote this page from a beach resort in Goa, India (you can see the images above)
I used to work for a multi-national IT company for 23 years, which was offering a very good package, but the work pressure was generating lots of stress and was affecting my personal life as I was not able to give time to my family and friends.
The IT company in India was bit unstable and due to pressure in cost budget there always was a risk of being laid off. 
It would not have been a wise decision  to wait for the worst to come by and then take the decision. So I decided to quit the company in Apr'17 and start an online business, which would generate income even when I am not actually in front of the laptop. 
Being confident that this internet marketing in online business education would work for me, I decided to invest my full time and money in this system.
I was not wrong. I got the best of online education, best mentors and phone sales team (yes you just have to get leads who are interested to join and the sales team will take over from there if you don't like to sell)
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All you need is to change your mindset from employee to Entrepreneur.  Once you change your mindset believe me 50% of your work is done.
This "System" is developed in such a easy way that anyone with a laptop and WIFI can start using this from any location.  
There are many successful marketers using this system who had never worked on a laptop before starting this system.
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